Pixel’s limited-edition ‘really blue’ color may not be that ‘limited-edition’ after all

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If after yesterday’s Google event you really fancied the blue colour variant of the Pixel phones, you should go cry in the corner. Because, the blue variant, which is really blue, is exclusive only to users in the US who are on the Verizon network.

In a world where phones come out in surreal color variants, Google released the Pixel phones in a three very bluntly named colors; Quite Black, Very Silver and a limited-edition Really Blue.

The blue offering is certainly the boldest among the three. It has a white front panel and a really, really blue rear panel. And it really is in limited stock. Within hours after pre-orders were made open in the US, all blue variant units were sold out in the Verizon store.

If Apple is making it really hard to get your hands on its jet black iPhone 7, Google is teasing you the same way with the blue Pixel.

And it is not the first time Verizon has eked out a customized variant of a smartphone for its users. Motorola phones routinely come out with the ‘Droid’ tag on the Verizon network. And considering how Google’s relationships with US carriers have been historically bad, Google was probably happy to bring out a limited edition Pixel for Verizon users.

However, Android Police comes bearing good news. It reportedly tapped into a Google representative during the event, who said the exclusive tag is only temporary and it will soon be made available to other select regions as well. And considering the raging love affair Google is having with India, it might just end up being one of the ‘selected regions’.

There’s no news as to when the blue variant will lose its ‘exclusive’ tag and become available to one and all, but knowing it is on the way will make a lot of us rest easy.

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Pixel’s limited-edition ‘really blue’ color may not be that ‘limited-edition’ after all