Google unveils a special Trends Hub for the Rio Olympics

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The Olympics comes once every four years capturing the attention of fans worldwide. This year, Google has opened up a special Trends Hub, in the Google Trends website, for the Rio Olympics. It aims to help fans keep a track on events and athletes.

The new Trends Hub will provide more insights into what people are searching during the event. With more than 10,500 athletes from over 200 countries participating in 306 events, the Google Trends Olympics Hub will help you find “fun facts, data insights, feature pages on sports and athletes, and more.”

The Trends Hub for Olympics will let you see which athletes, events and moments are taking up the attention of audiences across the world. Worldwide search trends will indicate what people are searching about during the mega event.

For example, India has been searching for boxing the most followed by Dipa Karmakar as the most trending Indian athlete.

The search insights will reveal what the world is thinking about the events, while data insights will give you a peek into Google’s alternative medal tally and top searched sports per country.

The trending sports and athletes list will show what is piquing the interest of audiences at any given moment.

There is also a new Trends Explore Page that offers an insight into search data from many perspectives. For example, you can compare interest in previous Olympic Games over the years.

Google Trends is a web facility that show how often a particular word or a phrase has been searched in the company’s own search engine in various languages. The popularity is broken down by countries, regions, cities and languages.

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Google unveils a special Trends Hub for the Rio Olympics