Delhi’s smog leads to spike in sales of Air Purifiers and Masks claims Snapdeal

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Delhi has become the next Beijing. With a thick cloud of smog enshrouding Delhi at all times, demand for air purifiers and masks have shot up on e-commerce sites. It is clear that the residents of the country are now not taking the air for granted. They are taking up preventive measures.

Snapdeal said in a statement today that while over the past two years, demand for both air purifiers and air masks have increased, this year saw a three times surge in the products as compared to last year. And this was even before Diwali started. Naturally, Delhi residents are the top buyers with more than 80 per cent of sales accrued from North India.

Snapdeal also said between pre-Diwali and post-Diwali, demand for air purifiers and air masks have shot up by 7 times causing an unanticipated supply shortage with several brands and sellers going out of stock.

Sales of car air purifiers in the first 5 days of November has spiked 140 per cent more than the entire stock sales in October.

“Masks” is also now the most searched keyword within the automotive category on Snapdeal, with PM 2.5 micron masks registering a sharp rise, with a rise of 240 per cent in sales. PM 2.5 also happens to be the most dangerous air pollutant at present. They are heavy particulate matter that settle down in the lungs causing long-term harms. PM O.3 masks too saw an uptick in sales in the last month.

Sales of budget-friendly brands in air purifiers and masks has also spiked. Snapdeal says Indian brands like Octus and Lifelong are proving to be market disruptors with Octus offering a six-stage air purifier for Rs 10,499 and Lifelong offering the cheapest HEPA air purifier in the market for Rs 4,999.

And in order to match up to the growing demand, Snapdeal has launched a curated carousel comprising of a range of products to deal with the menace, along with offering financing options.

“Seeing the growing interest and requirement among customers, we have launched a curated store on Snapdeal with a range of specialized products that help combat pollution. With our special three month interest-free EMI scheme from Bajaj Finserv, on products priced above INR 5000, our customers can protect their health for less than INR 70 per day,” Vice President and Head of Category Management in Snapdeal, Saurabh Bansal said.

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Delhi’s smog leads to spike in sales of Air Purifiers and Masks claims Snapdeal